Thursday, October 4, 2012


“Jesus came to them and said: I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth!  Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples.”  (Matthew 28: 18-19)
Two thousand years ago, Jesus told the Apostles to preach to all people in the world the Good News and make them His disciples by teaching them how to live as true Christians.  Today, God’s call is still the same.  We are called from our baptism to be missionaries; we are called to spread the Good News!...God loves us!
It's been over four years since God called me to serve Him as Catechist.  In my “on-going” formation I've learned that our mission is to promote knowledge of the Faith, Liturgy and the Sacraments, moral formation in Jesus Christ, and faithfulness to prayer.  But most important is to teach students on how to build a relationship with God; a relationship based on trust and love. This is a wonderful mission indeed! 
Sharing my faith with the students, and teaching them about God and our Church, brings fulfillment to my life.   I grow in faith every time I teach a lesson, when I listen to the students share their faith with me, and when we pray together.  To be able to witness how the Holy Spirit works in each one of the students is a true blessing! 
“Come, follow me and be my disciple.”  Jesus is calling us to take up His mission and share in life as one of His disciples by proclaiming the Good News. This is not a call for a few, but a call for all of us…for you and for me. Jesus is calling us to make a difference; to share His love that is Mercy and Forgiveness!
Thank you Jesus for trusting in me with Your mission!  But most of all, for teaching me obedience and faithfulness. It’s an honor to be called by God to serve in His Kingdom…It’s a privilege to serve my brother and sisters in Christ.
Many blessings.